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Premium and convenient  location at Business Bay

Located in the heart of Dubai, 15 minutes walk from the city’s main attractions – Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

We speak three languages – Arabic, English, and Russian

Reasonable pricing

Programs tailored to different needs and budgets

4000+ happy and beautiful smiles

Experienced specialists – at least 10 years of international practice

Vie Clinic by Halim is a modern professional dental clinic located at the heart of Business Bay, Dubai. Comfort and satisfaction of the patient is our top priority, that is why we offer high quality medical services, client oriented attitude and convenient location for those who value time. 

Vie Clinic by Halim was founded by an international team of professionals. Therefore, we share the same inspiration in the highest standards of work , and in improving the quality of life of our patients, we respect diversity and cross-cultural differences. We are glad to welcome people from all over the world at our clinic in Dubai.

Our team shares the same vision for sustainability and duty of care in respect of our patients, partners, personnel, environment and overall society. 

Green Vie

It is our firm belief that environment and ecology requires highly conscious attitude nowadays. Thus, Vie Clinic team cares about nature and we take responsibility for the environment and the future of our planet.  In other words, responsible and ethical attitude toward the environment are our top priority. 

Here is our strategy of responsible attitude to the environment includes: 

1. Digital X-ray

Classic X-rays are not safe for the environment. Digital equipment does not require printing on film, which may take ages to decompose in soil. Digital X-ray reduces radiation exposure by 90 percent. Moreover, digital image can be three-dimensional and enlarged without loss of quality.

2. Electricity saving

For lower electricity consumption we installed LED and high efficiency lamps at our premises. 

3. Recycling 

We lessen our environmental impact by reducing trash, consuming fewer resources and participating in medical waste recycling.

4. Reduce paper consumption

Electronic document management system, electronic appointment reminders and payment receipts instead of paper one (we issue paper receipts too, if necessary).In other words, 

Our team

Our services

The Vie Clinic is located in Downtown Dubai in a 10 minutes walk from the Dubai mall and Souk Al Bahr,  a 15 minutes walk from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera.

RTA parking is available next to our building  and parking inside the building for our visitors.

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