Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Indications for extraction

  • the patient is experiencing severe toothache;
  • the presence of a purulent process that will lead to periostitis or osteomyelitis;
  • axial fracture or a fracture of the crown lobe, which does not allow for orthopedic treatment or filling.

Scheduled removal is most often performed in the following cases:

  • atypical location, which can cause trauma to the mucous membrane, complicate the process of eating;
  • presence of tumor formation on the jaw;
    orthodontic treatment is necessary;
  • mechanical trauma has occurred.

In addition, the operation is often carried out at the patient's request. This is possible if the preliminary examination does not reveal any contraindications.

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Wisdom tooth extraction is a 100% painless procedure. Anesthetics, which are currently used by dental surgeons, make it possible to eliminate the risk of painful sensations. Unpleasant sensations can only occur directly during injection.

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Tooth extraction at Vie Clinic involves the removal of one or more wisdom teeth (third molars), which may be necessary due to impaction or other dental issues.

No, it is not a concern as the wisdom teeth, once removed, do not get replaced.

The cost for teeth removal at Vie Clinic varies depending on the specifics of the case, such as the presence of impacted wisdom teeth and the complexity of the surgery.

The extraction cost patients can expect is competitive and will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation, including any surgical needs and the type of anesthesia – local or general – that will be administered.

The typical cost can be anticipated based on an individual assessment by our surgeon, considering factors such as the position of the teeth and the necessity of any additional surgical procedures.

It’s advisable to search for an experienced oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction, especially for impacted wisdom teeth or when a more complex surgical approach is required.

To find out the wisdom teeth removal cost near you, please contact Vie Clinic for a consultation, where we can provide detailed information on the procedure and the associated costs.

Yes, teeth removal is a common procedure offered at our clinic, designed to alleviate issues caused by impacted or problematic wisdom teeth.

The price of a tooth extraction at Vie Clinic is determined after an in-depth evaluation, including the potential need for X-rays and surgical intervention. In our clinic, we offer sedation, but not general anesthesia.

After having your wisdom teeth removed, you can expect the site to be tender for a few days. It’s normal to experience some swelling of the gum and bone around the extraction site. Following your surgeon’s care instructions is crucial for healing and avoiding complications like dry socket.

Post-extraction care for your molars adjacent to the wisdom teeth extraction site involves maintaining good hygiene without disturbing the affected gum and bone. Gently rinse with salt water, avoid chewing hard foods near the extraction site, and brush carefully around the area to prevent infection.

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