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Earn Loyalty Discounts at Vie Clinic

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Rewarding Our Loyal Clients with Exclusive Discounts!

At Vie Clinic, we value and appreciate our loyal clients. To show our gratitude, we are excited to introduce our new Loyalty Discount program. Now, you can earn discounts based on your spending and enjoy our premium services at reduced prices.

Here's How You Can Earn Your Discounts:
  1. Spend 1000 AED: Get 2% off
  2. Spend 5000 AED: Get 3% off
  3. Spend 10000 AED: Get 5% off
How It Works:
  • Simply continue using our services and let your spending accumulate.
  • Once you reach one of the spending thresholds, you will automatically receive the corresponding discount on your next service.
Why Join Our Loyalty Program?
  • Exclusive Savings: Enjoy discounts on top of our already excellent services.
  • Easy to Earn: Every dirham you spend brings you closer to your next discount.
  • Rewarding Experience: Feel appreciated and valued as a loyal client.


Continue to choose Vie Clinic for your healthcare needs and enjoy the benefits of our Loyalty Discount program.

Refer a Friend

Special offer for
Get a 5% Discount on Services for the Next 3 or 6 Months!

We are excited to introduce our new “Refer a Friend” program, where you and your friend can both enjoy discounts on our services. It’s a great opportunity to save and share the benefits of our high-quality services with your loved ones.

How It Works:
  1. Refer a New Client: Recommend our services to your friends, family, or colleagues.
  2. Receive Your Discount: Your friend simply needs to mention your name when they book.


5% Discount: Both you and your friend will receive a 5% discount on services for the next 6 months.

Why It's Beneficial:
  • Double Savings: Both current and new clients receive a discount.
  • Long-Term Benefits: The discount is valid for several months.
  • High-Quality Services: Enjoy our premium services at a reduced price.


Don’t miss out on this chance to save and help your friends discover our amazing services. Learn more about our offers and participation conditions on our website or contact us directly.

Health Packages


Suitable for girls
AED 1500
  • 2 teeth cleaning
  • 1 teeth whitening
  • Dental consultation as a gift

For one

Suitable for one person
AED 750
  • 1 caries
  • 2 teeth cleaning
  • Dental consultation as a gift


Suitable for all family members
AED 1500
  • 3 caries
  • 3 teeth cleaning
  • Dental consultation as a gift

Health Packages with benefits up to 50%!

We know how important it is to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile to receive qualified dental care in a timely manner.

Package medical offers from Vie Clinic by Halim represent one of the most profitable and convenient options for patients

Saving time and money

Package offers allow patients to pay for a certain set of medical services in advance, which contributes to more transparent and predictable expenses. It also allows you to save time, as you do not need to pay for each service separately

Convenience of planning

Package offers include a full range of medical services required for a specific procedure or examination. This simplifies the process of treatment planning and allows patients to be sure that they will be provided with all the necessary services without additional hassle

Better cost control

Package offers may be more profitable compared to separate payment for services and insurance

Optimization of the quality of medical care

We have developed profitable comprehensive programs specifically for our clients. They include pre-agreed procedures and services that are suitable for the specific condition of the patient

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