Dental implant oral surgery

Dental implants provide a permanent fix for missing teeth

  • A consultation with an experienced specialist
  • Visual assessment of the oral cavity
  • Selection of suitable treatment options within the framework of the clinical case
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Indications for dental implants:

  • Missing one or multiple teeth.
  • Inability to wear removable dentures.
  • Tooth loss due to injury or disease.
  • Desire to preserve healthy teeth that don’t require grinding for bridge placement.
  • Enhancement of smile aesthetics and oral functionality.

This is not a complete list of indications. More readings in the FAQ section

Please remember that the decision regarding the installation of dental implants is made solely by the dentist after consultation and examination.

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Dental implant oral surgery is a complex yet highly effective procedure where a titanium post is precisely implanted into the jawbone, serving as a robust anchor for a replacement tooth. This surgery not only restores the aesthetics of a full set of teeth but also preserves oral health by maintaining bone structure and preventing the shifting of surrounding teeth.

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Our maxillofacial specialists perform the dental implant oral surgery with precision, focusing on the careful placement of the implant into the jawbone. The procedure typically involves anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

The oral surgeon at VieClinic is highly skilled in maxillofacial surgery, with extensive experience in both simple and complex dental implant procedures, including full arch replacement and bone grafting when necessary.

Bone grafting is sometimes required in dental implant surgery to provide sufficient bone density and support for the implant. Our team will evaluate your needs for any grafting procedures during your consultation.

VieClinic adheres to a strict privacy policy, ensuring that all patient information and records from dental procedures are kept confidential and secure.

While wisdom teeth removal is a different procedure, our oral and maxillofacial surgery team is also proficient in wisdom teeth extractions, which can be discussed separately from your dental implant needs.

We prioritize patient safety and comfort; our oral surgeons administer anesthesia according to the individual requirements of each dental implant surgery, whether it’s a single tooth replacement or a full arch procedure.

After implant surgery, our team provides comprehensive information and guidelines to ensure proper healing. This includes instructions on oral hygiene, diet, and any necessary follow-up appointments.

Yes, besides dental implants, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options, and our oral surgeons can discuss the best procedure for your dental health and aesthetic desires.

You can schedule an appointment for a dental implant surgery consultation by contacting VieClinic directly. Our staff will assist you with the necessary information and next steps for your dental care.

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